Bloor Hot Docs Podcast Festival

Nov 8/19. This week the Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema) is hosting their annual Hot Docs Podcast Festival.

The festival, which is sponsored in part by CBCPodcasts, is a chance for both creators and listeners to explore, learn and be part of the podcast scene.

Tonight, Medhi Hasan, hosted a live recording of his program Deconstructed, which will air online next week. This was his first live recording for the program to take place in Canada.

His guests were:

  • The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (federal Liberal party), Member of Parliament for the riding of York South-Weston, who came to Canada as a young boy as a refugee from Somalia.
  • Jagmeet Singh, lawyer, human rights activist, Leader of the New Democratic Party (federal level), first generation Canadian, Sikh, his parents immigrated from the Punjab, India.

Hasan, a British, US based, journalist of world-wide fame, is known for asking hard questions and refusing to accept non-answer responses (which politicians are noted for giving). Tonight was no exception, he did ask several hard questions of both guests, but they managed, for the most part, to answer them to his satisfaction.

The audience also got to ask a few questions of each guest, but were clearly instructed to keep their questions short and to the point. Thankfully, this advice was (usually) heeded.

It was an interesting and informative evening. No doubt the podcast that comes out of it will be as well.

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