The Perilous Trek of Refugees

Nov 5/19. Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema) hosted a special event for members – a free viewing of the documentary Midnight Traveler. The production of this documentary has been supported, in part, by a grant from Hot Docs CrossCurrents Doc Funds Program.

Hassan Fazili and his wife, Fatima Hussaini, both Afghani filmmakers, along with their young daughters, were forced to flee their home. The Taliban were displeased with his film work as well as the cafe they had been running, and put a bounty on his head.

Using only the cameras on their cellphones, the whole family, including the daughters, document their treacherous journey. At the beginning of the film, the oldest daughter, Nargis, states quite plainly that their life has been “a journey to the edge of hell.”

For more than three years, the family has been forced to cross borderlines, and endure inhumane living conditions way beyond anyone’s simple comprehension. They are still on hold, now waiting in Germany, in hopes of a long-term place to call home.

You can watch Hassan introduce this documentary at :

At the end of the documentary, there was a short panel discussion with:

  • Khaled Abdulwahed & Andrew Lusztyk – Together Project, an organization connecting refugee newcomers and Canadians.
  • Mohammad Waseem Zakour – An internationally-trained physician from Syria, currently studying to get his papers to practice in Canada.
  • Mario Calla – Executive Director,  COSTI Immigrant Services.
  • Elizabeth Radshaw – Director of Industry Programs, Hot Docs, in contact with producers of documentary and in charge of grant that helped make it possible.

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