Angels in Training

Angels have been spoken of, imagined, seen among us for centuries.

Do they come fully formed from the beginning of their existence? Or do they grow into their full glory?

I created this series of ceramic figurines several years ago. I decided to convey the idea that at least some angels start off rather scruffy and grow into their full blown magnificence over time.

These urchin angels still don’t quite know how to wear their halos or use their wings. From time to time they may still cop an attitude and behave less than glorious once in a while – just like us.

Their faces have been left deliberately blank. Whatever emotion you are feeling at the time can be reflected onto them. They can console, celebrate, encourage, or just listen, as needed. They are all-knowing but non-judgemental, they are patient, fierce, strong yet gentle.

They come from all walks of life and all parts of the globe. Although I have given them English/Gaelic names (for ease of ordering from my online shop), they can be called any name you like. They may be female/male/androgynous/trans whatever you want them to be.

Perhaps you’re trying to be more “angelic” in your life, or know someone who either already is one or is struggling to become one.

You can find these lovely angels on cards, stickers, mugs, water bottles, travel mugs, totes, wall art …. in my online shop at:

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