Food off the Beaten Path

On Oct 23/19 Suresh Doss Celebrated his 100th episode on CBC’s Metro Morning by holding a special night at Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema).

He provided photos, videos and stories about his adventures exploring the food scene in Toronto. For several years, Suresh has been going off the beaten path, to small, easily overlooked, bastions of excellent, traditional food.

His talk was accompanied by the chance to enjoy fresh, savoury food provided that night by Rick’s Good Eats, Chengdu Noodles (Niagara) and Nani’s Gelato. We devoured Rick’s Butter Chicken and thoroughly relished Nani’s Pistachio Cardamom gelato delight.

Suresh’s Recommendations Included:


  • Mamajoun | 209 Ellesmere Rd, Unit 6. Armenian pizza (lahmajoun).
  • One2Snacks | 8 Glen Watford Dr #26. Malaysian street food.
  • Coffee In | 2181 Lawrence Avenue E., Suite A. Filipino eats.
  • Ani Bakery | 25 Howden Road. Armenian lahmajoun.

North York:

  • Naniwa-Taro | 7 Byng Avenue. Osaka-style, takoyaki & okonomiyaki.




  • Ancila’s | 6905 Millcreek Drive. Indian cooking.


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