The Path

Walking in nature is good for the body AND soul. In Japan there is a practice known as “forest bathing” where people purposefully walk in the woods for rejuvenation.

Thankfully, even in a busy city like Toronto, it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle, smog, and noise by wandering along sheltered tree lined pathways.

This photo was taken while enjoying time on a path near by my home. The over-reaching branches of the trees provide a sense of protection and privacy, while the sun breaking through invites feelings of freedom, joy, hope and happiness. It’s a place to re-center your soul, reflect, dream, decompress, de-stress – help your body, mind AND spirit become one again.

When we are buried under piles of snow and are in the midst of the dull grey, seemingly endless, days of winter, we may forget what it was like to walk along such a path on a warm, sunny day.

You can reflect back on these moments on a friendly path by enjoying a warm cup of coffee out of a mug with this design. Mugs and many other products bearing this image can be found in my online shop at:

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