Words Matter

The more we think, read, see, say positive words, the more we internalize positive feelings, and create those feel good chemicals in our brain (serotonin). Self care starts with positive feelings. The more positive we are about ourselves, the more positive we can feel/act toward those around us.

Be the joy/love you seek. Remind yourself to breathe, especially when things get stressful. Allow yourself to dream and wish, to visualize, to set new goals to work towards.

Philosophies like these are great, but not always easy to remember when the days get dark, the nights get long, and the winds blow cold.

What if you had visual prompts to remind you? What if you could share these prompts with those you live/work/commute with? At MarCam Designs online, you will find a whole collection of Encouraging Words on functional pieces and wall art.

Show yourself and those around you some love, share the joy, maybe even find your bliss!

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