Fall Hibiscus

This summer I began exploring the world of fluid acrylics. After watching a ton of videos on YouTube, posted by many talented artists, I bit the bullet and started experimenting myself.

One of the techniques that really fascinated me was the “reverse dip”.

In this form, you :

  • cover the canvas with a layer of paint,
  • then drizzle lines of colour to form a flower,
  • cover the whole thing with plastic, making sure it is touching all of the paint surface
  • then pull the plastic off to get the final results

After many so-so results I came up with my own version of this technique. The Fall Hibiscus is my best one yet. I posted the image on a few of the Facebook acrylic pouring pages that I belong to get feedback. To my surprise, in just a few days, I garnered +2,000 likes. Wow! I must have done something right.

After some follow up with these groups, I discovered an amazing website. Redbubble.com allows you to post your images that can then be replicated onto a wide range of usable products – mugs, water bottles, totes, sweatshirts, hoodies, shower curtains, bedding…… Nothing gets printed until it is ordered. I have no upfront fees to pay, and I get a portion of the sale$$ when someone orders something with my print on it.

So my online shop http://MarCamDesigns.redbubble.com was born.

Redbubble is also very environmentally conscious. The company also puts a portion of its profits into supporting environmentally friendly local initiatives. Learn more at : https://www.redbubble.com/social-responsibility/sustainability/carbon-offset/

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