Sky High Garden

This past summer I enjoyed caring for and relaxing in my sky high garden.

Once it finally got warm enough to actually start thinking about being outdoors this year, I started experimenting with perennials (gifts from a friend) and annuals (from seed). Eventually, new blooms started greeting me each day.

I had a wide variety of plants to tend – morning glories, moon flowers, nasturtiums, double morning glories, lilies, lily of the valley, ferns and hostas. It was lovely watching them grow into strong sturdy plants with beautiful blooms brightening my tiny space on the 16th floor.

My perennials are now covered up for the winter outdoors. I’ve even planted some bulbs. Fingers crossed that there’ll be lots of healthy young sprouts to greet me next spring.

I’ve recently acquired some Christmas season type plants for indoors – cactus and amaryllis. So no doubt you will be hearing about them soon.

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