Living Festive Colours

My indoor garden is slowly starting to be created with bright, welcoming colours and hues found in blooms usually associated with the Christmas/ December festive season.

The first addition to my indoor garden was the red Amaryllis shown here. The bulb came encased with a strong waxy coating, to allow one to perhaps use it as part of a much larger table/ mantle display – no need for dirt or water. However, I have it proudly on display as is, to behold its beauty in its entirety

So far, 5 blooms have emerged from the one stem. Second stem is slowly thinking about it, I anticipate the glorious blooms that will unfold as the winter season slowly marches towards a new year.

I have just obtained a white Amaryllis, more traditionally planted in dirt, with a surface covered pebbles. I will post photos on my blog once the blooms start to reveal themselves.

The second type of festive plant that has been welcomed to my home is the “Christmas” cactus. When I was younger, my mom had huge cacti, that grew for years upon years, in her home. She was fortunate in having a cool, enclosed back porch that she could store them during the fall months, so that they would have the right temperatures and darkness required to become fully set with hardy blooms.

The two that I have acquired, were rescued from the local supermarket, where sadly they were just crammed into a shelf without much care or consideration. They now reside in one of my south-facing windows where they will get the light they need now that the blooms are set. With the window slightly kept open they will get cooler temps without a cold breeze.

I love these living colours, the vibrancy that they bring to the home. Far better than flashing Christmas lights on an artificial tree. Plants last much longer than the tree, you don’t have falling needles to worry about, and they will keep bringing cheer and hope long after the so-called “festive season” has ended, been boxed up and put away for another year.

After a summer of amazing blooms in my sky-high garden, it’s nice to have some blooms to greet me every day right inside my home. Real live sunshine throughout the dull winter months.

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