Food off the Beaten Path

On Oct 23/19 Suresh Doss Celebrated his 100th episode on CBC’s Metro Morning by holding a special night at Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema). He provided photos, videos and stories about his adventures exploring the food scene in Toronto. For several years, Suresh has been going off the beaten path, to small, easily overlooked,Continue reading “Food off the Beaten Path”

Bloor Hot Docs Podcast Festival

Nov 8/19. This week the Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema) is hosting their annual Hot Docs Podcast Festival. The festival, which is sponsored in part by CBCPodcasts, is a chance for both creators and listeners to explore, learn and be part of the podcast scene. Tonight, Medhi Hasan, hosted a live recording of hisContinue reading “Bloor Hot Docs Podcast Festival”

The Perilous Trek of Refugees

Nov 5/19. Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema) hosted a special event for members – a free viewing of the documentary Midnight Traveler. The production of this documentary has been supported, in part, by a grant from Hot Docs CrossCurrents Doc Funds Program. Hassan Fazili and his wife, Fatima Hussaini, both Afghani filmmakers, along withContinue reading “The Perilous Trek of Refugees”