Living Festive Colours

My indoor garden is slowly starting to be created with bright, welcoming colours and hues found in blooms usually associated with the Christmas/ December festive season. The first addition to my indoor garden was the red Amaryllis shown here. The bulb came encased with a strong waxy coating, to allow one to perhaps use itContinue reading “Living Festive Colours”

Sky High Garden

This past summer I enjoyed caring for and relaxing in my sky high garden. Once it finally got warm enough to actually start thinking about being outdoors this year, I started experimenting with perennials (gifts from a friend) and annuals (from seed). Eventually, new blooms started greeting me each day. I had a wide varietyContinue reading “Sky High Garden”

The Path

Walking in nature is good for the body AND soul. In Japan there is a practice known as “forest bathing” where people purposefully walk in the woods for rejuvenation. Thankfully, even in a busy city like Toronto, it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle, smog, and noise by wandering along shelteredContinue reading “The Path”