Black Friday Savings Continue…

Save $$ on fabulous items with terrific artwork!! My online shop continues celebrating Black Friday weekend until MIDNIGHT DEC 2 with amazing savings for you UP TO 60% OFF Items you won’t find on amazon!! Please visit my shop at : OR Happy Shopping!!

Gift Giving Season

Christmas/gift giving time is almost here! Just 5 more weeks of planning, list making, gift buying, cooking, and of course, parties, before the BIG DAY! MarCam Designs online has LOTS of great gift ideas for everyone on your list. Functional pieces and wall art too, decorated with some of my artwork and photographs. Environmentally friendly,Continue reading “Gift Giving Season”

Gift Certificates – Perfect for Picky People

Do you have picky people on your gift list? Or are you the last minute kind of shopper? Perhaps you are the kind that needs to be reminded of important events in your loved ones’ lives? You can send email gift certificates from Redbubble for your hard to please people on your list even atContinue reading “Gift Certificates – Perfect for Picky People”

Spell It Out

Do you have a name that no one can spell and even fewer can pronounce? Is it next to impossible to find anything with your name on? Or the name of someone you know? You can find a wide assortment of products with the initials A to Z on them in MarCam Design’s online shop.Continue reading “Spell It Out”

Fall Hibiscus

This summer I began exploring the world of fluid acrylics. After watching a ton of videos on YouTube, posted by many talented artists, I bit the bullet and started experimenting myself. One of the techniques that really fascinated me was the “reverse dip”. In this form, you : cover the canvas with a layer ofContinue reading “Fall Hibiscus”

The Path

Walking in nature is good for the body AND soul. In Japan there is a practice known as “forest bathing” where people purposefully walk in the woods for rejuvenation. Thankfully, even in a busy city like Toronto, it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle, smog, and noise by wandering along shelteredContinue reading “The Path”

Angels in Training

Angels have been spoken of, imagined, seen among us for centuries. Do they come fully formed from the beginning of their existence? Or do they grow into their full glory? I created this series of ceramic figurines several years ago. I decided to convey the idea that at least some angels start off rather scruffyContinue reading “Angels in Training”