Northern Sky

I never felt magic crazy as thisI never saw moons knew the meaning of the seaI never held emotion in the palm of my handOr felt sweet breezes in the top of a treeBut now you’re hereBrighten my northern sky.I’ve been a long time that I’m waitingBeen a long that I’m blownI’ve been a longContinue reading “Northern Sky”


River, released nearly 50 years ago, is a classically Canadian, non-Christmasy, Christmas-time tune of lost love. It’s perfect for those who may have the Christmas blues, or are just tired of listening to the fake, off-tune, glittery tunes the radio churns out 24/7 this time of year. It’s coming on Christmas They’re cutting down treesContinue reading “River”

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Initially released in 1984, Do They Know It’s Christmas? was a collaboration of top UK musicians, under the header Band Aid . The recording was made in an attempt to raise money for the starving in Ethiopia, who the world seemed to have forgotten. In 2004, Band Aid 20, re-recorded the original song. The recordsContinue reading “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Grown Up Christmas List

Do you remember meI sat upon your kneeI wrote to you with childhood fantasies Well I’m all grown-up nowAnd still need help somehowI’m not a childBut my heart still can dream So here’s my lifelong wishMy grown-up Christmas listNot for myselfBut for a world in need No more lives torn apartThat wars would never startAndContinue reading “Grown Up Christmas List”

So This Is Christmas

First released in the early 70’s, this song is sadly way too relevant nearly 50 years later. The message of peace still seems to fall on deaf ears far too often. Be kind to your neighbours and strangers on the street. Live love. So this is ChristmasAnd what have you done?Another year overAnd a newContinue reading “So This Is Christmas”


I waited for you, Winterlong You seem to be where I belong. It’s all illusion anyway. If things should ever turn out wrong And all the love we have is gone, It won’t be easy on that day. Waiting to follow Through the dreamlight of your way Is not so easy for me now. HalfContinue reading “Winterlong”

Live to Love

Love is life’s end,an end but never endingAll joys all sweets all happiness awardingLove is life’s wealth ne’er spent but ever spendingMore rich by giving taking by discardingLove is life’s reward rewarded in rewardingThen from thy wretched heart fond care removeOh should thou live but once Love’s sweets to proveThou wilt not love to liveContinue reading “Live to Love”

All I Get for Christmas is Blue

Not all of us feel like going “HO! HO! HO!” at this time of year. We’re not really in the mood for merry, jolly, happy, silly, sappy tunes ALL of the time. I worked in retail for 3 Christmas seasons. I got so sick of listening to corny “Christmas” tunes song off key all dayContinue reading “All I Get for Christmas is Blue”

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were singer-songwriters who helped shape the sound of the 60’s. Fifty-plus years later, I can still recall hearing their songs when they were first launched on the radio. They were cool, insightful, totally different from what our parents, and even our older siblings, were listening to. Heck, we even hadContinue reading “A Hazy Shade of Winter”

Song for a Winter’s Night

Song for a Winter’s Night was first released on The Way I Feel (1967) and a different version was released on a greatest hits record, Gord’s Gold (1975): Like many winter classics, the tune was written on a hot summer day while Gord was on the road, wistful memories of home and family informContinue reading “Song for a Winter’s Night”