Let It Snow

Let it Snow is a classic, and totally appropriate for a day like today here in Toronto – the snow is blowing down, and probably will be all day. Of course the song itself was written on a very hot summer California day back in 1945. Sammy Cahn and Julie Styne were stuck in theContinue reading “Let It Snow”


Dreams are the source of much of the new thinking,new convictions, new power in the world. They send the adventurous out on uncharted seas, dangerous seas, and it is danger, not security, which develops strength in mind and spirit.Emilie Loring (1864 – 1951) Uncharted Seas

The Water is Wide

Some songs have a way of being rediscovered and reconfigured by later generations, over and over again. Whether they be ancient folk songs, or more current jazz/rock tunes, they are adapted and adopted with new stylings to better suit the needs of an artist and the intended audience. The first version of The Water isContinue reading “The Water is Wide”

The Long and Winding Road

My sis and I were huge Beatle fans. She had them on a mug, I had their hair cut. We were so excited when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964! My mom thought they were awful, but we didn’t care. Even after my sis had left home to be in university, IContinue reading “The Long and Winding Road”

Thank You for the Music

ABBA, was the biggest export from Sweden in the 70’s, at least as far as music was concerned. They remained on the billboard from 1974 to 1982, when they disbanded. Interest in the band was revitalized when tunes from their songbook were transformed into the musical Mama Mia – first on stage in 1999, andContinue reading “Thank You for the Music”

Long Hard Climb

Composed by Ron Davies in the early ’70s and covered by countless artists in a myriad of ways – a sweet, sad, timeless classic. By the time Ron Davies died in 2003, he had written more than 600 songs – he will live on in his songs. Helen Reddy version (1973): https://youtu.be/KAvZYn4IoXIEsther Satterfield version (1976):Continue reading “Long Hard Climb”

The Need to Be

Esther Satterfield’s version : https://youtu.be/hpq1ivoMIhU was released in 1976. Her voice, one of unbelievable haunting beauty, is to be found on only a few recordings. First introduced to us through Chuck Mangione, Esther had a short career in the spotlight before retiring. She is surely missed by those who adored her. To for-fill to needContinue reading “The Need to Be”


Carole King’s LP Tapestry was released when I was in the early years of high school. I was finally old enough to take the train by myself to visit my older sister who lived in the big city, but not old enough yet to have to go away to work for the summer months. IContinue reading “Tapestry”

Living Festive Colours

My indoor garden is slowly starting to be created with bright, welcoming colours and hues found in blooms usually associated with the Christmas/ December festive season. The first addition to my indoor garden was the red Amaryllis shown here. The bulb came encased with a strong waxy coating, to allow one to perhaps use itContinue reading “Living Festive Colours”