Life IS Art

Zen : a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort Creating art can be a meditative process If you focus on the process, The repetition of patterns, The formation of strokes, The sensations created when using your hands and tools The emotions that rise whenContinue reading “Life IS Art”

Hope, Joy, Love

Art heals when practised in a non-judgemental, SAFE spaceBy focusing on the momentEnjoying the act of making, creating, expressingLiving in the moment, in the NOWYou are allowed to experimentThere is NO “right”There is NO “wrong”No one starts out a MasterYou just try, and try, and try againAnd again, and againIf you don’t like the paintingPaintContinue reading “Hope, Joy, Love”

Music Soothes the Soul

Nov 2. Toronto Sings the Breithaupt Brother’s Songbook Tonight at Koerner Hall in downtown Toronto, we were treated to an absolutely fabulous evening of song, hosted by Don and Jeff Breithaupt. Performers included a stellar lineup of Canadian vocalists and musicians, including: Heather Bambrick, Jackie Richardson, Marc Jordan, Denzal Sinclair, Patricia O’Callaghan, Shelley McPherson andContinue reading “Music Soothes the Soul”

The Path

Walking in nature is good for the body AND soul. In Japan there is a practice known as “forest bathing” where people purposefully walk in the woods for rejuvenation. Thankfully, even in a busy city like Toronto, it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle, smog, and noise by wandering along shelteredContinue reading “The Path”

Food off the Beaten Path

On Oct 23/19 Suresh Doss Celebrated his 100th episode on CBC’s Metro Morning by holding a special night at Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema). He provided photos, videos and stories about his adventures exploring the food scene in Toronto. For several years, Suresh has been going off the beaten path, to small, easily overlooked,Continue reading “Food off the Beaten Path”

Angels in Training

Angels have been spoken of, imagined, seen among us for centuries. Do they come fully formed from the beginning of their existence? Or do they grow into their full glory? I created this series of ceramic figurines several years ago. I decided to convey the idea that at least some angels start off rather scruffyContinue reading “Angels in Training”

Bloor Hot Docs Podcast Festival

Nov 8/19. This week the Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema) is hosting their annual Hot Docs Podcast Festival. The festival, which is sponsored in part by CBCPodcasts, is a chance for both creators and listeners to explore, learn and be part of the podcast scene. Tonight, Medhi Hasan, hosted a live recording of hisContinue reading “Bloor Hot Docs Podcast Festival”

The Perilous Trek of Refugees

Nov 5/19. Bloor Hot Docs (Ted Rogers Cinema) hosted a special event for members – a free viewing of the documentary Midnight Traveler. The production of this documentary has been supported, in part, by a grant from Hot Docs CrossCurrents Doc Funds Program. Hassan Fazili and his wife, Fatima Hussaini, both Afghani filmmakers, along withContinue reading “The Perilous Trek of Refugees”