Nature Loving

I grew up in the countryside in an old house with a few acres of lawn and gardens. There was fresh fruit and veggies just outside the back door and LOTS of trees and flowers everywhere.

Living in the city still provides opportunities to slip away from the noise and pollution by escaping to formal gardens and hidden walk paths. While everywhere you go, city sponsored or private gardens, as well as florist shops, spill forth with greenery and flowers to help brighten up our day.

Growing your own plants, even in sky high gardens (mine is on the 16th floor), is another way of adding flowers and greenery to your life. This past summer I was lucky enough to get some perennials donated from a friend’s garden, most of which flourished in spite of being way up above the ground. I also had great success with seeds – nasturtiums, a wide variety of morning glories, moon flowers.

It was so lovely to enjoy the afternoon shade, fresh breezes and a refreshing drink. A break away from the daily routines of life. Waking up to the sunshine and new flowers blooming in my garden every day was a perfect incentive to get up and go exploring my wee bit of nature.

Sadly it is no longer summer, let alone fall. Winter has indeed arrived with lots of snow on the ground below and on my balcony as well. All the perennials have been covered up and are now somewhat protected from what will be, no doubt, a long cold winter ahead.

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