Be Yourself

Every single blade of grass And every flake of snow, Is just a wee bit different There is no two alike, you know. From something small, like grains of sand, To each gigantic star, Each one was made with this in mind To be just what they are! How foolish then, to imitate, And howContinue reading “Be Yourself”


I have the following quote posted on my fridge door. It is my go-to thought that helps me make it through difficult times. PEACE.It does NOT meanto be in a placewhere there is no:noise, trouble or hard work.It meansto be in the midstof those thingsand still be calmin your heart.(Anon.)

Life IS Art

Zen : a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort Creating art can be a meditative process If you focus on the process, The repetition of patterns, The formation of strokes, The sensations created when using your hands and tools The emotions that rise whenContinue reading “Life IS Art”