A friend is a person who is “for you” always,under all circumstances.He never investigates you.He likes you just as you are.He does not alter you.Whatever kind of coat you are wearing,whether you have on a dress suitor a hickory shirt with no collar,he thinks it’s fine.He likes your moods,and enjoys your pessimismas much as yourContinue reading “Friendship”

Because of A Friend

Life is a sweeter, stronger, fuller, more gracious thing for a friend’s existence, whether he be near or far. If the friend is close at hand, that is best; but if he is far away he is still there to think of, to wonder about, to hear from, to write to, to share life andContinue reading “Because of A Friend”

Share Your Love

Love that is hoarded moulds at length; Until we know some day The only thing we ever had Is what we give away.And kindness that is never used But hidden all alone, Will slowly harden till it is As hard as any stone.It is the things we always hold That we lose day by day;Continue reading “Share Your Love”