So This Is Christmas

First released in the early 70’s, this song is sadly way too relevant nearly 50 years later. The message of peace still seems to fall on deaf ears far too often. Be kind to your neighbours and strangers on the street. Live love. So this is ChristmasAnd what have you done?Another year overAnd a newContinue reading “So This Is Christmas”

Song for a Winter’s Night

Song for a Winter’s Night was first released on The Way I Feel (1967) and a different version was released on a greatest hits record, Gord’s Gold (1975): Like many winter classics, the tune was written on a hot summer day while Gord was on the road, wistful memories of home and family informContinue reading “Song for a Winter’s Night”


Dreams are the source of much of the new thinking,new convictions, new power in the world. They send the adventurous out on uncharted seas, dangerous seas, and it is danger, not security, which develops strength in mind and spirit.Emilie Loring (1864 – 1951) Uncharted Seas

Long Hard Climb

Composed by Ron Davies in the early ’70s and covered by countless artists in a myriad of ways – a sweet, sad, timeless classic. By the time Ron Davies died in 2003, he had written more than 600 songs – he will live on in his songs. Helen Reddy version (1973): Satterfield version (1976):Continue reading “Long Hard Climb”

The Need to Be

Esther Satterfield’s version : was released in 1976. Her voice, one of unbelievable haunting beauty, is to be found on only a few recordings. First introduced to us through Chuck Mangione, Esther had a short career in the spotlight before retiring. She is surely missed by those who adored her. To for-fill to needContinue reading “The Need to Be”

Timeless Melodies

Nov 20/19. Koerner Hall, Benefit Concert for Peacebuilders Canada, featuring David Clayton-Thomas, with special guest Genevieve Marentette. For many of us, the tunes that we listened to so deeply in our youth, stay with us deep in the crevices of our hearts, minds and memories no matter how old we get. Whenever we hear themContinue reading “Timeless Melodies”


A friend is a person who is “for you” always,under all circumstances.He never investigates you.He likes you just as you are.He does not alter you.Whatever kind of coat you are wearing,whether you have on a dress suitor a hickory shirt with no collar,he thinks it’s fine.He likes your moods,and enjoys your pessimismas much as yourContinue reading “Friendship”

On Becoming Yourself

If a man in the street were to pursue his self, what kind of guiding thoughts would he come up with about changing his existence?  He would perhaps discover that his brain is not yet dead, that his body is not dried up, and that no matter where he is right now, he is stillContinue reading “On Becoming Yourself”


It is not physical solitude that actually separates one from other men, not physical isolation, but spiritual isolation. It is not the desert island nor the stony wilderness that cuts you from the people you love. It is the wilderness in the mind, the desert wastes in the heart through which one wanders lost andContinue reading “Solitude”